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Take advantage of these FREE engaging and thought provoking conversations. Participants will be encouraged to discuss freely their thoughts on these various topics and, in turn, have the tools to make healthier choices.

If you would like to have someone facilitate a presentation at your location (residence hall, fraternity/sorority house, athletic team, class, RSO, etc.) then please fill out the form located at this link. We can also provide space for the health talk at the Health and Wellness Center. Keep in mind that most of our health talks are 45 minutes to an hour long and for planning purposes we request 2 weeks' notice but we can work with you to fit your needs. After completing this form, Health Promotion staff will contact you within 2 business days. If you are interested in other health topics that are not listed, please note this on the Presentation Request Form and we can tailor a health talk to your specific request.

If you have any questions regarding programs or presentations, call the Health Promotion department at 850-644-8871.

Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs

  • "Facts on Tap": For a long time, alcohol has been and will be a hot topic on college campuses. In this health talk, students will discuss how alcohol affects the body, signs of alcohol poisoning, protective strategies to use when drinking, and FSU's Medical Amnesty policy and bystander behavior.
  • "Beyond Booze": Alcohol gets a lot of air time on campus, but what about other drugs? This presentation covers the basics of how various drugs work in the human body, short and long-term effects of lesser known drugs ranging from tobacco to cocaine to LSD and more, and how students can help to create a safer, drug-free community.
  • "When it Comes to Cannabis": There can be a lot of misinformation out there about cannabis, and it's a subject that we often find in state and national news. This presentation is a wellness-focused overview of the facts, research and current laws surrounding cannabis, directly addressing myths about cannabis and misperceived social norms.
  • Other alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs topics: safe party hosting, illicit drug use, marijuana, prescription drug abuse and tobacco use


  • Nutrition for Wellness: From fueling your brain to your feet, eating on campus and staying within your budget; we've got you covered in this health talk on nutrition for college students on the go.
  • Other nutrition-related topics: battling pressures of a thin-obsessed society, body image concerns

Sexual Health

  • Sexy Time: Contraceptives, Safer Sex and Abstinence: Sex - It's in the media, your friends chat about it, and everyone is doing it - right? Not necessarily. Join us in a dialog to talk about the facts, from the number game at FSU to communication and how to protect you and your partner from those nasty crotch critters.
  • The Social Construction of Sex, Gender, and Sexuality.
  • Other sexual health topics: women's sexual health, hook-up culture and condom bingo

Power Based Violence

  • kNOw MORE: A comprehensive 60- minute presentation that touches on the current cultural understanding of sexual violence, consent, bystander intervention, and survivor support. This presentation is great for groups looking to gain a general understanding of power-based personal violence and ways they can be part of the solution.
  • Green Dot: This presentation can range from 40-90 minutes depending on the groups preference. This inspiring and interactive presentation focuses on what everyone can do in their daily lives to decrease power-based personal violence.
  • Rewriting the Norms: A 60 -minute presentation that delves into the culture that perpetuates power-based personal violence. This presentation will look at the history, media, and experience of survivors. Participants will dialogue on the issue and brainstorm ways that they can contribute to culture change.
  • Healthy Relationships: A 60-minute interactive presentation facilitated by peer educators. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in conversation around components of both a healthy and unhealthy relationship. The presentation will discuss communication, boundaries, and supporting survivors of relationship violence.
Victim Advocate Program
  • Victim Advocate Program (VAP): This presentation will provide participants with a basic understanding of the services offered by the VAP, including how referrals are received and who qualifies for our services. Power-based personal violence offenses will be discussed as well as the university conduct process and options for evidence collection and reporting to law enforcement.
  • Survivor Support: Provided VAP staff, this presentation will discuss ways to help someone who has suffered trauma, especially a sexual assault. Options and resources will be discussed as well as practical things we can do to help a friend or family member and how we can take care of ourselves when helping others after a victimization.
Title IX
  • 37 Words: A Guide to Title IX: This 45-60 minute presentation explains what Title IX is, defines sexual misconduct and discusses how to file a report and what happens after a report is made. The presentation can be tailored for audiences of students or faculty and staff.
  • Title IX Reporting: This 30 minute presentation educates faculty and staff about their reporting obligations under Title IX.
Living Well at FSU
  • Between class, work, a social life and all of the other duties of life, how can a college student strive to be well at FSU? It's not as hard as you think! Find out in this health talk.

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