Sexual Health

The Team goal is to improve sexual health knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors across the Florida State University campus through policy and programmatic efforts. Membership is open to any faculty, staff, or student. Have questions? Contact the committee chair, Kelly Grove.

Meeting Times

Fall 2017 

  • Sept. 18:  8:45am - 10:15am in HWC 2500
  • Oct. 16:  8:45am - 10:15am in HWC 2500
  • Nov. 20:  8:45am - 10:15am in HWC 2500

Committee Composition

Half of the committee is actually comprised of graduate and undergraduate students ranging in degree disciplines from Public Health to Communications and affiliated with various student organizations such as VOX, Women Student Union, and Pride Student Union. The other half is of staff members from ROTC, University Health Services, University Housing, and Athletics. We are always seeking additional voices in our committee to help make Florida State University a healthier university.

Goals & Objectives

All goals and objectives are based on the 2015 NCHA (National College Health Assessment) Survey, n=557.

  • Goal 1 To increase knowledge and awareness of sexual health issues across FSU's campus, especially among at-risk populations
    • Objective 1: Increase the percentage of students who report that they received information on STD/I's
      • 70% responded with 'yes'
  • Goal #2: To increase healthy behaviors related to sexual health across FSU's campus, especially among at-risk populations
    • Objective 1: Increase the rate of condom and contraception use
      • Those answering yes to using a condom within the last 30 days - Vaginal: 58% of Males, 52% of Females; Anal: 35% of Males, 23% of Females
      • Those reporting contraceptive use by self or partner during the last time they had vaginal intercourse - 58% of Males, 61% of Females
      • 30,946 free condoms obtained from the Health and Wellness Center containers
    • Objective 2: Increase HIV/STI testing and counseling rate
      • 29.5% of students reported being tested for HIV, 30% reported ever being tested for Chlamydia
    • Objective 3: Decrease STI rate
      • 3.6% of students self reported being diagnosed/treated for Chlamydia, 0.7% for Gonorrhea
    • Objective 4: Increase HPV Vaccinations
      • 60% of students reported receiving the HPV vaccine (15.8% said they did not know)

Present Initiatives

  • Real Talk Real Sex: A sex positive workshop series influenced by student voices. Past workshops included: The Art of Foreplay, 50 Shades of Noles (a workshop on BDSM and Consent), The Anatomy of Pleasure, Decoding Desire, Faith & Sexuality, and Sex and the Spectrum: Queer Sex Ed
  • Drag Condom Bingo. This program is a partnership with Pride Student Union and not your typical bingo. A drag queen hosts and participants find the answers to various LGBT and safer questions on their bingo cards
  • Condom Distribution for RAs in residence life
  • Partnership with Big Bend Cares and Pride Student Union to provide free rapid HIV testing twice a month in the Olgesby Student Union

Past Initiatives

  • Expanding condom distribution locations on campus. Previous location was just in Health Promotion and the Health and Wellness Center. Expansion now includes the Student Life Cinema, Dirac Library, Strozier Library, Olgesby Student Union, Pride Student Union, and Women Student Union
  • Championing for funding from Student Government Association to maintain free rapid HIV testing

Data Driving our Work

  • According to the CDC, half of all new sexually transmitted diseases occur among young people aged 15 to 24 years.
  • Leon County was ranked 1st for the rates of Chlamydia, Syphilis, and Gonorrhea in 2014
  • Leon County was ranked 8th for the rates of new HIV infection in 2014
  • NCHA data (see Goals and Objectives for specific data points)
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