Florida State University was an early adopter of Healthy Campus 2010/2020 over 12 years ago. At that time, the committee determined that alcohol issues and high risk drinking prevention was a priority and should be the main focus of the committee's efforts. In addition, the University was awarded a Partnership for Alcohol grant of $700,000 to address high risk drinking from an environmental management approach. In 2009 the committee determined the significance in a broader health focus and developed four subcommittees to better address additional areas of health. The committees consisted of Alcohol; Nutrition; Tobacco & Other Drugs and Life Balance. Each committee developed objectives and priorities with corresponding initiatives for each topic area. Three years later, a re-organization of Healthy Campus further developed into 6 Strategic Health Teams that include: Alcohol & Other Drugs, Eating Disorders, Mental Health, Nutrition & Fitness, Sexual Health/Sexual Violence and Tobacco. In 2014, a further organization occurred by dividing the sexual health/sexual violence into two committees and merging the Nutrition, Fitness, and Eating Disorders team into a Physical Health team which also incorporates other physical issues such as sleep and cold/flu.

The Division of Student Affairs recognizes nine different dimensions of wellness that focus on you as a whole person. We believe an environment that encourages healthy behaviors and wellness is essential to the academic success and holistic well-being of the members of our community — no matter where you are!

The nine dimensions of holistic wellness:

For more information about how to host a Live Well FSU event, please contact Angela Chong at achong@admin.fsu.edu or (850) 644-5590.



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