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Florida State University offers several opportunities for students to advocate for healthy lifestyles, choices, and behaviors. In conjunction with Healthy Campus, several departments offer opportunities for student involvement in health and wellness. The CHAW department facilitates Healthy Noles, kNOw MORE Student Advisory Board, and Planned Parenthood - Generation Action FSU. RENEW (Realizing Everyone's Need for Emotional Wellness) and NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), student groups related to mental health operate under the University Counseling Center.

There are several other student groups at FSU that partner with Healthy Campus including the Student Dietetics Association, Pre-Dental Society, Saving Smiles and FSU Medical Response Unit, PRIDE Student Union and the Public Health Student Association. For more information on Registered Student Organizations, visit Nole Central.

Healthy Noles

Healthy Noles are trained Peer Health Educators who make a positive impact on campus health and wellness through campus events, presentations and discussions with peers. Healthy Noles also have the opportunity to advocate for student health while working closely with CHAW staff. Members of Healthy Noles develop competency in public speaking, program development and public health knowledge.

Contact: CHAW

Know More Student Advisory Board

Provides a student prospective and voice to power based personal violence prevention, response, and policy initiatives on campus. Power based personal violence is defined as sexual violence, relationship violence, and stalking. The goal of this board is not only to create programs and events, but also develop long term goals for how we as a community can end violence on our campus. The group meets biweekly and provides opportunities for members to progress their own understanding of power based personal violence, and share this knowledge with the FSU community. This group will collaborate with faculty and staff to make a sustainable change at FSU.

If you are interested in joining please email

Planned Parenthood - Generation Action FSU

Planned Parenthood Generation Action is a group of young organizers and activists who organize events on their campuses and in their communities to mobilize advocates for reproductive freedom; in addition to raising public awareness about reproductive health and rights, educating young people about sexual health, and creating lasting change in those communities.

Contact: Rose Rezaei

The Body Project

This peer to peer evidenced-based body image program is designed to help college students resist cultural pressures to conform to the "thin" and/or "muscular" ideal standards of beauty. Students interested in participating in the (2 session) 4-hour program can contact CHAW at 850-644-8871. Additionally, students can become a trained Body Project Facilitator by completing a two-day training (held each semester through CHAW).

Contact: CHAW


RENEW is an undergraduate mental health advocacy and peer-education program sponsored by the University Counseling Center. RENEW provides outreach, presentations, and individual instructional sessions on emotional wellness topics.



NAMI on Campus Florida State University is a student-led campus club that helps to address the mental health needs of students and raise mental health awareness among campus communities through peer support, education and advocacy.


Students for Healthy Drug Policy

SHDP is a division of Drug Free America. The goal of SHDP is to engage members in sensible drug policy, education, prevention, and advocacy. SHDP is committed to developing, promoting and sustaining national and international policies and laws that will reduce illegal drug use and drug addiction.

Contact: CHAW

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